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The RSSN in the Americas draws on experiences from the work of existing networks in the region, prioritizing cooperation with different actors and community members. The Network focuses on three main objectives:

  1. Outreach with vulnerable people: The RSSN provides information to women and girls and men and boys of diverse backgrounds and facilitates disclosure of SGBV and other serious violations of human rights to ensure access to protection services along the displacement cycle. The Network also promotes the empowerment of survivors and people at risk, while respecting the principle of confidentiality and the wishes of the affected individuals.
  2. Case Management (CM) & multi-sectoral services (Essential Package) across borders: UN agencies, civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, government institutions, and community-volunteer networks work together to facilitate access and harmonize services across countries for SGBV survivors, children at risk, and other vulnerable persons. The Network ensures a continuum of protection during ongoing cycles of displacement.
  3. Information Management (IM):The safety and security of people of concern and service providers are priorities of the RSSN. When managing personal information, e.g. via service mapping, data collection and dissemination, the highest protection standards for security and protection must be standardized across different service delivery methods and programme planning phases.