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Information Collection Tools

KoBo as an Information Collection Tool

KoBo works as a data and information collection tool. Please note that the forms below are only for display porpuses and therefore should not be fill out as the information would go to the RSSN KoBo account. In order to gather your own results please follow the steps below, import the kobo form you desire to use in your operation and start collecting information through your own account.

Available KoBo forms

How to import KoBo forms to your KoBo account

Step 1

  • Once you have your KoBo account, on the upper left side of the page, click on "New".

    Step 2

    • Select "Import an XLSForm via URL"

    Step 3

    • Copy the "Download link" of your desired template.

    Step 4

    • Paste the link in the space under "URL" and then click "Import". It may take a few seconds to upload the form.

    Step 5

    • Fill in the required fields and create the project with the desired template and your own specifications. Click on "Create Project"

    Step 6

    • On the upper left side of the page, click on "Draft" and select your recently created project.

    Step 7

    • Finally, click on "Deploy" to start collecting information