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RSSN map

Regional Safe Spaces Network (RSSN) Mapping - I

  • Tool: RSSN Network Map Service Mapping: A collection tool (America Region)

    This tool is intended for use by UNHCR, SGBV, CP and other protection service providers within the Regional Safe Spaces Network and other agencies providing multi-sectoral services to provide counselling and conduct referrals across borders. It is not intended for the purpose of developing awareness-raising materials and is not to be disseminated in the community without previous adaptation. The tool is to be developed by and shared between organizations in the Network and other relevant agencies providing specialized SGBV, CP and other humanitarian and protection services, to refugees, asylum-seekers, IDPs, returnees, stateless persons, people on the move and others who might be in need of international protection.

Regional Safe Spaces Network (RSSN) Mapping - II

  • Tool: RSSN Online Map

    To access the online map, please visit: the link below. A version in Spanish is also available: click the hyperlink in the upper-right corner on the site “Spanish Version”.

Visit the online map

Access the online map here.

Regional Safe Spaces Network (RSSN) Mapping - III

  • Tool: Guidance Note on the RSSN Map

    In the context of the Regional Safe Spaces Network, a map was created to be able to quickly and securely identify the different services that are offered in the region. This map provides the geographical location of those partner agencies and allied organizations that are part of the Network. This map is intended to be used exclusively among network members; therefore, its confidentiality must be maintained. The designated users of this map are ultimately the focal points from each organization member of the Network.